Wide Spectrum OF Exposure
Community Educational Hub 
Wide Spectrum Of Exposure (WSOE) is a Community Educational Hub that provides educational and mentoring services for all ages and more...

The goal and guarantee is to provide each and every client the quality of services with certified leaders. 

Wide Spectrum Of Exposure has been a 501c3 incorporated with the state of Georgia since 2010. DONATE TODAY FOR EDUCATION.

Our mission and vision statement reflects the true "Authenticate, Loyality, Caring, and Ingetrity of services with results.

Contact Numbers: 0ffice-770-575-2387   Fax-678-398-7275 

Mission Statement:
We, WSOE want to EMPOWER and SUPPORT the individual minds and spirits.  Reaching to a successful ALTITUDE.  This HUB will extend out the vital educational support and proper resource tools.  The journey will be CHALLENGING, but that is all that it would be>>>A JOURNEY... But at the end, you would have then created and begun your VISION for LIFE.

Vision Statement:
The touch of being an inspiration to someone is breathless, that is why we value this "Education Hub".  Knowing that when a person crosses our threshold, he or she is guaranteed empowerment.  Stimulating your mind and spirit to tangible life journey is immeasurable.  Living your life abundantly is part of living.  But, refusing to live or be an inspiration to someone else, is when you are no longer in control of your life.  Wide Spectrum Of Exposure invite you to take this time and absorb your journey on living educationally.

​POB #102 WOODSTOCK, GA 30188