WSOE is registered with Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and a Non-Profit organization since 2010.  We specialize in educational services and development training. 
Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops, Child Care Learning, Educational Summer Camp, GED/CRCT Review, Fitness Workout, Theatre Arts, ASP, Literacy Classes, Diplomacy Classes, Hip-Hop Dancing, Spanish/English Language, & Adult Training.
Wide Spectrum Of Exposure is a Community Educational Hub located in Marietta. Our passion is to help those that are willing to help themselves.  Growth is essential in the market of today.

WSOE encourage serious inquiries to email us your interest or questions.  The office visit is schedule appointment only. 

Relate, Support & Educate
Wide Spectrum Of Exposure
Site location: 999 Whitlock Ave #8 Marietta, GA.  30064
Cell #678.398.7274
Fax #678.398.7275
Wide Spectrum Of Exposure is passion about empowering others.  We support dreams and visions.  Dedication and time adjustments are essential from candidates that are willing to achieve it.  To embark on a dream is outstanding for many that can focus and discipline themselves.  The youth of today is our primary concern and focus, however not exclusive to.  We want to engage into many lives with resources and tools that would take them to the next level.  In conjunction of mentoring and tutoring, a mission is bound to surpass.  Understanding that we have no free ticket to accomplish any visions in life.  Actively knowing - there will be challenges and road blocks along the journey to ones success.  The reality is, as long as one can stay within the parameters of their mission and keep sustaining the support and leadership, there will be limited obstacles along the way.  One must remember to keep the faith and stay true to their heart in whatever that dream is TODAY.

Please donate any capable amount to Wide Spectrum Of Exposure, 225 Parkway 575 #102, Woodstock, GA. 30188

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